Counselor Assistant Program

Counselor Assistant are a highly valueable part of the Starfun team. We truly appreciate them, and love that they have chosen to remain active with us. CA’s are leaders. They provide the campers with positive role models who enjoy the same activities as they do.

Here are the Goals and Expectations for the CA’s:

1. The #1 Goal is to Support the StarFun Mission and to support the Campers in achieving their goals.

2. CA’s are expected to be in the show, and in doing so, they are expected to support the Campers in the show.

3. CA’s are expected to lead theater games. They will be taught how to do this in training sessions. They will attend meetings with us in the mornings and debrief with us in the afternoons.

a. We will discuss how to introduce the games
b. We will work together on how to get the Campers motivated and how to get them to interact and participate.

4. We will train the CA’s, have conferences with them, and give them constructive feedback throughout the day.

5. CA’s will participate in outdoor games with the campers, both at break time and after lunch.

6. CA’s are expected to assist the counselors with whatever is needed, and in doing that, they will help motivate the Campers, when needed or called upon.

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